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Harvest speed

The cutting machine patented technology, the knife type drawing the stem, pulling the stem speed fast; The special support device, which is forced to feed, is better suited to harvest the inverted corn, and the harvest is more efficient.

Peel efficiency

Flaying machine patented technology, using rubber roller and cast iron roller, peeling mechanism, peeling speed faster, stripping rate higher, not hitting grain.

Save oil

The engine adopts double power output design, the power distribution is reasonable, the transmission is simple, the engine load is light, saves the power, the oil consumption is lower.

Working hours

  • The whole machine is stable in quality, but it can be done 24 hours a day, the night wet environment works well, not blocked, the benefit is higher.
  • The patented technology of peeling machine, the peeling speed is fast, the stripping rate is high, not the grain
  • The national invention patent: the seed recovery device, the real meaning of the granulator
  • The new type of cutting box and the new type of cutting body of the blade, the drawing is fast and the picking is good
  • 4 adopt the large screen CAN bus control instrument, smart switch, observation convenience;

The patented technology of the cutting table adopts the new type of cutting box and the new type of cutting table with the new type of cutting the stem, which is quick to pull the stem, and the plucking effect is good. The special support device, which is forced to feed, is more suitable for the reaping of the corn, which is more efficient.

Barker patented technology, using the five groups of rubber roller and cast iron roll combination skin structure, stripping efficiency is high, the skin effect is good, strip off the net rate is as high as 95% above, not upon grain;

Domestic use of the same industry-leading countries yuchai 160 – horsepower engine. The driving force is strong and the transmission is stable. Adopt advanced electric spray technology to ensure the optimal allocation of power, fuel consumption, and emission.

Use a tightly closed engine fire prevention cover to prevent clutter from entering the engine enclosure and completely remove the hidden danger of engine fire. Adopt the three-engine special water tank, a medium cold one-piece water tank, the heat efficiency is high, the cleaning is more convenient.


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