• Overview
  • Extensions
  • Features
  • EasyFlow
  • Cutting Rotor
  • Loading Area
  • Loading System
  • Operating Terminals

  • Fully-featured multi-purpose forage wagon
  • Collapsible, steel, or silage extensions
  • Massive pick-up and feed rotor
  • 32-blade cutting system

AX defines our range of forage wagons that offer capacities from 25 m³ to 31 m³ and which are available with different extensions that give users the flexibility to use them as self-loading forage wagons with and without discharge rollers but also as silage trailers in the maize harvest chain. AX suggests maximum reliability, efficiency, and flexibility.

  • Collapsible hay extensions are ideal in low buildings
  • Rugged steel extensions with ropes to secure the crop
  • Silage extensions with headboard hatch and no ropes for use as a silage trailer

The large choice of available extensions makes the KRONE AX a universal forage wagon. Collapsible hay extensions allow the AX to enter low buildings or pass under low gates whereas steel extensions give it a head start as a self-loading forage wagon. But it can also take silage extensions including the headboard hatch, which make it the perfect dual-use forage wagon/silage trailer.

Collapsible hay extensions (FL/FD): The AX 250 L/D and 280 L models have hay extensions that collapse hydraulically. With the extensions down, the machine easily passes under low gates. The top ropes, the slide cover in the front section, and the rear cover ensure no material is lost in transport.

Steel extensions (GL/GD): All AX forage wagons are available with extra strong steel extensions. The crop is secured with top ropes that ensure nothing is lost during transport. The steel tailgate is opened and closed by two rams.

Silage extensions (HL/HD): The AX 280 and 310 can be specified with optional silage extensions. These include a silage hatch at the top of the headboard. Operated hydraulically, this flap moves forward for filling from the forager ahead. Without top ropes, the AX suits not only applications in which the material is collected by the pick-up but also when the wagon is filled by the forage harvester.

  • Bottom- or top-mount drawbar
  • Articulated drawbar for high-ground clearance
  • Drawbar suspension for comfortable rides
  • Sprung or unsprung tandem axles with a hydraulic levelling system

Varying harvest conditions, difficult situations on the clamp, high payloads, and long-distance travel at speed call for running gear and a drawbar that offer maximum strength and stability as well as superior operator comfort and safety. Choose between the top-mounting hitch ring, the bottom-mount pivoting drawbar, the ball hitch or the articulated drawbar. This and the caster-steer tandem axles with either mechanical or hydraulic suspension allow you to specify your machine to your specific requirements.

The top-mount 40 mm hitch ring couples to the tractor clevis.

The bottom-mount K80 ball hitch brings great agility, minimizes wear and offers tongue loads of up to 3 tonnes.

The articulated drawbar offers hydraulic height control which can also be operated from an optional button on the headboard. Another practical feature is the auto feature for the articulated drawbar which allows operators to retrieve a stored field/road position. The latter increases the ground clearance by up to 60 cm for easier manoeuvring on the headland or clamp.

A suspended drawbar is available as an option on the AX and is a particular boon during long-distance travel on bumpy roads.

The AX 250 has standard tandem axles with mechanical suspension that offer a gross axle load of 10.14 t or 16 t depending on tyre size. The axle load on the AX 280 and 310 is 16 t and the maximum speed is 40 km/h. One of the two rigid axles can be caster-steered as an option, which helps avoid turf damage when travelling through bends. The steering can be locked during shunting and clamping.

  • Wide pick-up for clean and comprehensive gathering
  • Camless pick-up for very quiet running and hard-wearing
  • Tines in W-arrangement for optimum crop flow
  • Optimum ground contouring by gauge wheels and side pivot

The camless EasyFlow pick-up has only a few moving parts and therefore runs extremely quietly, causing little wear. Boasting a wide work width, it gathers wide swaths tidily also in bends. Undulations are no problem at all, thanks to the pivoting suspension along with the gauge wheels.

Working at a width of 1.8 m (to DIN 11220), the pick-up gathers wide swaths with no problem and feeds the material to the rotor cutter in a very consistent flow. Excellent ground contour following comes from the pivoting suspension and the leading gauge wheels that pivot sideways and also offer height control without tools.

You can order two optional gauge wheels to run at the rear and outside the tractor wheelings to optimize contouring and minimize contamination in very difficult conditions.

The crop press roller has a chain that allows operators to easily adjust the working height to ensure a uniform and consistent crop flow in varying crops, swath volumes, and at varying ground speeds.

The 6.5 mm diameter double tines with large coils are particularly hard-wearing. Arranged in a wavy pattern, six rows of tines feed the material from the ends to the middle of the rotor, thereby preventing crop from building up as the machine travels through bends, for example, and spreading it evenly across the full width of the rotor cutter.

  • Wide and large-diameter rotor for high intake rates
  • Helical tine arrangement for quiet running
  • Easy-pulling blades for exact and scissor-like cuts

Powerful and low-maintenance, the AX rotor cutter operates very smoothly and gently. The blades give exact cuts, stay sharp for a long time, and are very easy to replace.

Measuring 760 mm in diameter and offering a working width of 1,470 mm, the rotor cutter was developed for filling a high-capacity wagon. Its tines are arranged in six helical rows and have 25 mm Hardox plates for long service life. The scraper elements, too, are made from hard-wearing Hardox steel. The design ensures the tines feed the crop dependably through the blades for precise and scissor-like cuts and fast and uniform fills.

When all 32 blades are set to cutting action, the system achieves a nominal chop length of 45 mm. The blade group control system allows operators to select the blades in sets of 32, 16, 16, 0.

After the cassette is released, it easily pulls out and swings alongside the machine for easy blade removal and replacement.

  • Wide and sturdy channel-steel frame
  • Sloping floor for a more efficient crop feed
  • Strong chains and infinitely variable advanced speed
  • Discharge rollers with V-shaped tines distribute the material uniformly

The sloping floor on AX increases its throughput rates and minimizes tractor input. The extremely robust chain-and-slat floor offers step-less adjustment of its advancing speed, a feature that has been asked for by many farmers.

The chain-and-slat floor slopes at the front, which reduces the length of the feed channel and thus the amount of power required to feed the material into the load area, enabling a faster and gentler crop feed.

The AX forage wagons discharge their load fast and dependably. The AX 250 has two chains and the AX 280 and 310 have four chains, which are made up of short 10mm round-steel and high-tensile links. The chains’ advance is controlled steplessly by a hydro motor. The models with discharge rollers have a reversing mechanism that moves the material away from the discharge rollers to remove a malfunction, for example.

The AX models can be fitted with two or three discharge rollers. These have tines that are arranged in a V-line to distribute the material uniformly either on the clamp or in the feed passage. The bottom rotor revolves at a higher speed to boost unloading efficiency and crop flow consistency.

  • Entry-level floor advance control
  • Shuts off the floor chains automatically on machines with discharge rollers
  • PowerLoad auto-loading system for forage wagons with steel extensions

No matter whether your AX forage wagon has the entry-level auto-loading system or the optional PowerLoad system, both systems fill the machine up to the very last cubic centimeter whilst maintaining compression at optimum levels. With the wagon filled to capacity during each haul, you are cutting down on your transport costs.

This optional system activates and controls the chain-and-slat floor with the help of sensors. One sensor measures the pressure that the material exerts on the headboard (left photo). Another sensor at the top of the headboard scans the current angle of the silage hatch (right photo). The chain-and-slat floor is started automatically as soon as the pressure scanned equals the set pressure. Depending on the crop, it is also possible to use the two sensors independently of each other.

The PowerLoad floor chain varies its speed relative to the pressure that is detected by the sensor on the headboard. The system helps distribute the material evenly and preserve an optimum feed quality. Operators can enter the target pressure on the cab-based terminal.

  • Clear and convenient
  • Easy and user friendly
  • ISOBUS compatible

The KRONE on-board electronic system clearly enhances the operation of the AX forage wagon. Available in Medium and Comfort specifications, the system is operated from various terminals, each catering to different applications and needs.

This is the base specification level for the AX forage wagon – the Medium on-board electronic system complete with the Alpha terminal which operates the pick-up, the articulated drawbar, the chain-and-slat floor, and the tailgate.

The Delta terminal has a 5.5-inch touch screen, a touchpad with 12 function keys, and one dial. From here, operators control all loading and unloading functions, they collect and store machine data and carry out diagnostic routines. They can also connect an optional joystick (AUX) and a CCTV camera for added comfort.

The CCI 1200 operator terminal with a 12-inch touchscreen offers the same features as the Delta terminal plus it allows operators to split the screen in two views, for example, to see all machine control elements in one view and the camera footage in the other.


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