• Overview
  • Pickup
  • Chain-and-slat Elevator
  • Twin Twine Wrapping System
  • Net Wrapping

Success is so easy

  • An enclosed baling chamber reduces fragmentation and controls the development of dust
  • An endless chain-and-slat elevator
    • excels in silage, hay, and straw
    • eliminates the risk of bale stops
    • produces high-density and well-shaped bales
    • achieves high bale weights
  • Low input requirement
  • Low dead weight
  • Low in maintenance and long service life thanks to a simple design
  • Few and short-length drive chains

A compact build for an efficient crop flow

The pick-up on the KRONE Bellima round baler stands out for its compact design. The small diameter rotor with four rows of tines together with the adjustable crop roller mounts close to the bale chamber and operates extremely efficiently, feeding even short and wet crops in a continuous flow into the chamber – a requirement for higher outputs and consistently shaped bales. The working depth is restricted by refitting a pin. Ground contour following is given by height-adjustable gauge wheels.

The pick-up for Bellima F 125: Our Bellima F 125 model features a 1,400 mm (4’7″) pick-up (work width to DIN 11220) that is controlled hydraulically and locked at the desired depth. The small gap between the pick-up and the bale chamber optimizes the intake and flow of the crop.

  • EasyFlow with packer
  • Standard specification on Bellima F 130
  • This pick-up works at a 1,800 mm (5’11”) width – which is ideal for harvesting wide swaths
  • The packer ensures a continuous flow of crop
  • Feed augers on both ends optimize the crop flow into the machine
  • Optional tyres on gauge wheels give superior and quiet running

Active packer: The packer actively transfers the crop from the pick-up to the starter roller, filling the baling chamber evenly and uniformly and making the pick-up more effective.

Chain-and-slat elevator

  • A gripping system
  • Produces consistent 1.20 m (3’11”) diameter bales
  • Provides effective bale roll, eliminates bale stop, reduces loss due to fragmentation
  • Requires a low tractor input
  • Is simple by design with just one drive chain

Well-proven around the world This chain-and-slat elevator concept has proven extremely well in silage, hay, and straw all over the world. The endless chain-and-slat elevator forms high-density bales and its ‘meshing’ design turns the bale without allowing it to stop – even when baling short and dry material. On top of that, the system reduces crop loss due to fragmentation and operates on a low tractor power input.

A better spin on baling: The enclosed bale chamber with endless chain-and-slat elevator forms the incoming material into high-density and firm bales – layer by layer. Providing an excellent bale feed, the elevator starts rolling the material at a very early stage so that the baling cycle finishes earlier as well. At the same time, this elevator creates a firmer core for higher densities and weights as well as high-quality silage and in addition, reduces bale handling effort and transport.

The KRONE chain-and-slat elevator. The ‘grippy’ system for straw, hay, and silage. Round balers are harvesting straw, hay, and wilted silage in a wide variety of conditions around the world. The challenge is high and well-known and calls for a machine that offers absolute operational reliability.

Fragmentation is a risk in straw and hay where the crop was exposed to sustained drought, whereas wilted material may actually be wet and heavy after periods of sustained rain. An added issue is ‘stickiness’ in crop high in sugar. The chain-and-slat elevator responds to all these multiple conditions and requirements and delivers absolutely dependable. This elevator never lets you down, giving a gentle but firm grip on the crop, ‘meshing’ with the bale, and rolling it non-stop while keeping the pressure high.

Twins work twice as fast

  • Two threads cut down on the wrapping cycle
  • Well-shaped bales as tying starts/ends in the middle of the bale
  • Select the thread spacing
  • Easy-to-use system

Twin-wrapped for the best shape. A twin twine tying system cuts down on machine downtime, increases output per hour, saves on fuel and labor cost,s and increases your output. The KRONE twin twine tying system places the twine ends in the middle of the bale and not on the edges. This is an important detail that ensures the bale stays in good shape even after multiple handling and transfer operations.

Simple by design – dependable in the field: A coned pulley controls the number of twine wraps applied per cycle. Two threads run through drivers from the center to either side and back to the center of the chamber, where they are cut at the end of the tying cycle. Tying is triggered hydraulically, electrically, or mechanically.

Perfect wraps for perfect bales

  • Short cycles – produce more bales per hour
  • Positive wrap start – short feed system
  • Bales break up quickly and easily in the shed

Less fuel per bale: The net wrap system is simple by design and offers superior functionality. A net wrapping cycle is shorter than a twine wrapping cycle so that the machine is able to put out more bales per hour. Higher throughputs free up time for other jobs and cut the tractor‘s consumption per bale. The net wrap system accepts KRONE excellent rolls with total net lengths of up to 3,600 m (11,811′).

Perfect: The net wrap assembly is at the front end, where it is in excellent operator view and holds 2,600 m or 3,600 m (8,530′ or 11,811′) net rolls. There is room for one spare roll.


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