• Overview
  • Models
  • Active Pick-up Easy Flow
  • Krone X-Cut
  • VariCut
  • Driveline
  • Baling Chamber
  • MultiBale
  • Control Unit

Big Balers

  • HighSpeed: Much higher capacity thanks to higher stroke frequency and larger pre-chamber
  • HDP: higher bale density – up to 25 % heavier bales
  • HDP II: Up to 70 % higher throughput or up to 10 % higher bale density
  • Chamber sizes from 80 x 70 cm (2’7.5″x 2’4″) to 120 x 130 cm (3’11″x 4’3″)
  • Camless EasyFlow Pick-up with the powered feed roller
  • VFS Variable Filling System
  • The cutting systems XCut, VariCut, PreChop
  • MultiBale system: up to nine small bales in one pack
  • PreChop: for finely chopped, short straw lengths

BiG Pack 890 (XC): With four double knotters and a chamber measuring 90 x 80 cm (2’11” x 2’7.5″) (h x w), this machine has proved its worth time and again – not just in straw but also in heavy, wet silage.

BiG Pack 1270 (XC/VC): The 70 cm (2’4″) high x 120 cm (3’11”) wide chamber on this machine makes it truly versatile. Six single or double knotters produce firm and uniform bales in straw, hay, and silage.

BiG Pack 1270 (XC/VC) MultiBale: This version enables you to pack up to 9 small packs in one big bale. The benefit? Big bales can be cleared quickly from the field, and the smaller packs are easy to distribute later on.

BiG Pack 1290 (XC): These solid 90 x 120 cm (2’11” x 3’11”) (h x w) bales are popular with farmers the world over. With its massive bale dimensions, this machine is mainly in demand for straw and hay, but it also handles silage successfully in some countries.

BiG Pack 4 x 4 (XC): With a chamber height of 130 cm (4’3″), you get fewer bales per hectare and save time and money on labor too – because the field is cleared fast. This baler is mainly used in straw and hay.

BiG Pack 870 HDP (XC) MultiBale HighSpeed: The 3-in-1 machine. With a chamber measuring 80 x 70 cm (2’7.5″ x 2’4″), it produces the same densities as a BiG Pack HDP. This baler also comes with the MultiBale function, enabling contractors to respond flexibly to their customers’ needs.

BiG Pack 1290 HDP (XC/VC) HighSpeed: Rock-hard bales. Because the HDP high-density baling system and the longer baling chamber deliver up to 25 % heavier bales than conventional systems. And this pays for itself fast in terms of haulage.

BiG Pack 1290 HDP II (XC): Higher density – higher forward speeds. With its 8 double knotters, this baler produces up to 70% more throughput or up to 10 % higher bale densities than the BiG Pack HDP. It also delivers a lot more power on the field, making your straw logistics more efficient.

Active pick-up
EasyFlow pick-up with the powered feed roller
  • 30 % higher pick-up speed for enhanced results
  • Powered feed roller for superior performance in brittle material
  • Camless design for quieter running
  • 68 % fewer moving parts for low wear
  • Maintenance-free and long-lasting
More throughput with camless pick-up and powered feed roller
KRONE Active Pick-up – a clever combination of the tried-and-trusted camless EasyFlow Pick-up plus an additional powered feed roller. The highlight of this pick-up unit is the special design of the galvanized scrapers that ensure a constant crop flow as the tines retract. EasyFlow can work 30 % faster – enabling you to work at faster ground speeds and with higher throughputs.

Cleans up every time: Working at a width of 1,950 (6’5″) or 2,350 mm (7’8.5″) (DIN 11220) and kitted out with five rows of tines spaced 55 mm (2.2″) apart, the camless EasyFlow Pick-up does a clean job every time. The combination of the powered feed roller and the side-mounted augers tick all the boxes in a dry, brittle material, delivering massively increased throughputs. The large, high-mounted crop press roller optimizes the crop flow even in wide swaths.

Gentle on the sward: The pneumatic caster wheels follow every curve and are height-adjustable without tools. The sward is even protected on curves, thanks to their excellent castering behavior.

Precision cuts

  • 16 knives for 80 cm (31.5″) chamber width
  • 26 knives for 120 cm (47″) chamber width
  • Tines feature wide and hard-wearing Hardox steel plates
  • The knife bank with pull-out knife trays lowers hydraulically
  • Knives are selected in sets

Finest quality cuts: With a full set of blades you can achieve nominal LOCs of 44 mm (1.7″). To disengage all the blades or to work with just half a set, the blade control system switches over quickly and easily without the use of tools. The feed tines are arranged chevron-style and are plated with wide Hardox steel, reducing power input and delivering the fi nest cuts, high throughputs, and maximum longevity. The blade floor adapts to the crop flow and makes the BiG Pack even more efficient.

Full throttle: The cutting and VFS rotor is driven directly off the main gearbox. Overload protection is provided by the integrated cam clutch. The HDP II is driven via a separately operated poly V-belt.

The ‘pull-out drawer’ principle: The X-Cut cutting system has two blade beds which are lowered hydraulically for easy replacement of the blades. Each bed pulls out to the side like a drawer.

Maximum protection: All blades feature individual spring protection for trouble-free operation when foreign objects are picked up. The blades conveniently push back into their working position after the foreign body has cleared.

  • Up to 51 blades
  • Flexible groups of blades
  • Powerful belt-driven four-star rotor
  • Top-quality short straw
  • Straightforward and convenient maintenance

Convenient overload protection A side-mounted poly V-belt drives the pick-up and the rotor. The rotor has permanent slip control that switches it off automatically if it becomes overloaded. Then the blades retract automatically from the crop flow. To resume work, the operator restarts the rotor and then engages the blades – this is all done remotely from the cab.

Gap-free fit: As the blades are engaged hydraulically the blade cassette is secured in the frame, taking the strain off the cassette’s rolls and effectively absorbing any vibrations that occur during cutting and ensuring easy opening and closing of the cassette.

Flexible groups of blades: The blades can be preselected without tools in six groups of 51, 26, 25, 12, 5, or 0. The preselected group is engaged hydraulically from the cab. The cams are attached to the shaft and can be refitted according to user needs.

Blade group control system for maximum flexibility: VariCut offers a multi-blade cutting system on BiG Pack 1270 and BiG Pack 1290 HDP that offers great flexibility with up to 51 blades. A new belt drive and a four-star rotor increase throughputs – no matter how much volume is being handled. VariCut produces short straw chops down to a theoretical length of 22 mm (9″) – the ideal solution for more structure in your forage or when using the straw as bedding.

Easier cleaning: A service aperture above the blades is opened in a single action to remove any debris that may collect there. Additionally, the area around the blades and the individual blade springs are cleaned with an integrated compressed air cleaning system.

Convenient assembly and maintenance: Via a quick coupler, the single-piece blade cassette pulls out conveniently to the side on an optional trolley and is stored on a pallet truck for maintenance.

Efficiency from flywheel to bale chute

  • High inertia and high speeds for a quiet running system
  • Power is transmitted down clutch-protected driveshafts
  • No shear pins in the drive train for maximum operator comfort
  • Electronic baling pressure control for even bale densities

Smooth start: For a smooth machine start, all BiG Pack HDP II models are equipped with a hydraulic start assist system consisting of two hydro motors that accelerate the flywheel before the tractor pto is engaged. The intermediate gearbox on the drawbar has two advantages: it reduces wear on the straight drive shaft and boosts the pto speed – a clever solution that helps maximize the flywheel’s inertia.

Perfectly protected: On start-up the BiG Pack is protected by a slip clutch. In the event of an overload on the machine side, an automatic cut-out clutch is activated.

Direct drive: On KRONE big balers, power is transmitted to the packer and the knotters via robust, low-maintenance drive shafts, gears, and overload clutches. Buying this technology means buying into dependability and comfort.

Automatic mode: The operator selects a density between 0 % and 100 % on the control box, and the baling force control automatically adapts the pressure in the baling chamber.

Designed for maximum loads

  • Electronic star wheel sensor ensures uniform bale lengths
  • Sturdy yoke
  • Massive hydraulic rams for maximum bale densities
  • Strong frame with mounting bracket

Full-on power for rock-solid bales: Up to six massive rams operate the top and the side walls of the chamber. The heavy-duty yoke is designed to cope with exceptionally high loads in nonstop operation.

Consistent bale length every time: KRONE equips all BiG Packs with a star wheel that measures the bale length electronically. The star wheel is mounted centrally on the bale chamber floor.

Extendable rear end: The BiG Pack features a beefy frame to accommodate a hitch that allows kits such as bale collectors to be attached more easily.

Powerful and safe: KRONE equips its big balers with extremely long plungers which support the work of the needles. The BiG Pack 870 and 890 operate at 49 strokes/min, the BiG Pack 1270 and 1290 HDP and HDP II at 45 strokes/min, and the BiG Pack 4 x 4 at 38 strokes/min, ensuring quiet and smooth operation.

The funnel shape does the trick: For maximum bale densities, BiG Packs are equipped with long, funnel-shaped bale chambers with spring-loaded retainers on the sides and top towards the front. The rounded ends of the side walls guarantee smooth bale edges.

Small bales in a big package

  • Up to nine small bales in one single big pack
  • Small bales from 0.3 to 1.35 m (1′ to 4’5″)
  • BiG performance in the field
  • Small bales for easy handling in the yard

From big to small: The operator sets the required number of bales on the control box in the cab while working in the field. In addition to choosing the total length of the big bale from 1 to 2.7 m (3’3″ to 8’10”), he can select the number of small packs as well. The smaller bales are held together with two strings, while the big bale has three (BiG Pack 870) or four (BiG Pack 1270). Naturally, you can also produce traditional full-size single bales that are tied by five or six strings.

Divided needle yokes: In MultiBale mode, two knotters knot the small packs and the others tie the big bale, assisted by a divided needle yoke. The two needle yokes are coupled and uncoupled by a controlled latch. The knotters will only work when they are supplied with twine, so the other strings simply pass through underneath the knotters. The small bales are tied with two lengths of twine. When the bale is complete, the two yokes are automatically re-engaged so that all the knotters are now supplied with twine. Then the big bale is tied.

Up to nine single bales in one big bale: the award-winning KRONE MultiBale system makes bales much easier to handle. The small bales can be between 0.3 and 1.35 m (1′ to 4’5″) in length. Naturally, you can also produce conventional big bales with lengths of up to 2.7 m (8’10”). The MultiBale system helps you win new customers and delivers outstanding flexibility in terms of bale packs.

The MultiBale system has double knotter technology and is controlled via the onboard Comfort control unit. MultiBale gets the field cleared quickly and you can supply your customers with big bales made up of small packs. The MultiBale system made its mark on the market in no time. After all, small bales are so much easier to handle in confined buildings.

Putting you in control

  • High-resolution colour touchscreen
  • Specified to ISOBUS standards, the CCI terminal controls all ISOBUS-compatible machines from KRONE as well as from other manufacturers
  • CCI and ICAN: The CCI terminal offers a variety of different applications in addition to machine operation
  • If the KRONE BiG Pack is hitched to an ISOBUS-compatible tractor, you can use the existing tractor terminal to control it

Towards a digital future: With the ISOBUS-compatible BiG Pack, KRONE customers can take a huge step towards a digital future right now. But it’s up to you how many steps you want to take at a time. The KRONE Delta terminal features a user-friendly colour touchscreen with a clear overview of all the key machine data. Opt for the ISOBUS-compatible CCI terminal and benefit from its virtually unlimited potential.

The Delta terminal is an easy-use display unit that offers convenient control and monitoring of the KRONE machine attached. The easy-to-read colour touch screen gives the operator a full overview of all machine features and functions. Provided the tractor is suitably specified, it also uses data from the tractor to control the baler, such as locking the steered axle automatically when the combination reverses.

The ISOBUS-compatible CCI terminal is your admission ticket to the digital data world. Here’s an example of what it can do for you: send a job straight to the in-cab terminal from your office PC, and the field navigation system will guide you straight to the right field. Once you start the job in the Task Manager, the system starts collecting data. At the end of the job, you send the data to the office PC via the internet or save it on a USB stick for uploading into the farm management software system. Last, the invoice drops out of the printer or a screen map shows the bales as they are scattered in the field. All this is available from a suitably specified CCI Terminal. For more information, please refer to our ICAN brochure.

All ISOBUS-compatible KRONE machines can also be controlled from the tractor’s existing ISOBUS terminal. Simply connect one single cable and enjoy your usual user interface on the display in the cab. Optional controls like the WTK joystick make the tractor even easier to operate, depending on the tractor's specification.


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